Monday, May 04, 2015


I pretty much talk to everything.
My computer.
My car.
My phone.
The food that I'm cooking.
An imaginary conversation with a hot dude I just met in Starbucks.
I speak to animals like they were a normal person.

See, my car has a name.
He's a boy.
Mohd. Iskandar, or Shiro.
We pretty much understand each other.
Hell my first date with my now husband was in my car.

This morning I went to wash my car.
After he was sparkly clean, we were so happy and I was like jumping around in the car and talked excitedly to Shiro.

I like to have my meals in the car sometimes.
It's like having lunch or dinner with a friend except I'm the only one who's eating.
I'd park somewhere, usually at a safe spot of course, after I bought McDonald's or a cheese bun from Baker's Cottage and just enjoy my food. In the car. With loud music.
Nice, right?

And I talk to myself a lot.
It's like having conversations with 5 different people.
I have lots of chat buddies and they happen to be inanimate objects.

And no, I'm not crazy. A bit mental yes, but not crazy.

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