Monday, December 26, 2005

Bored to the death

saper yg baca HBP tu prasan tak yg Hermione ajak Ron gi Slughorn punya party tu and then apa jadi tah, Ron pissed-off dgn Hermione and ended-up kissing Lavendar Brown instead.
and then ada budak mana tah yg buat FF based on something happened in-between Hermione attacked Ron dgn canaries tu and before Slughorn party.
really really cute stuff, kalu x baca HBP mmg x paham..
aku just nak save link dia kat sini, though..

Last Man Standing

He lay flat on his back, pretending to take interest in Flying with the Cannons, but tonight his heart wasn't really in it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched Harry and Neville bustle about the dorm putting on their dress robes for the night ahead.

Ron Weasley was wearing a ratty old tee shirt and corduroy pants that had seen better days. His hair was messy from being pawed and tousled by a girl who had taken an interest in him like his sister took an interest in shoes.

At least a girl actually likes me, he thought dismally. That in itself is a bloody miracle. It's just not the right girl. He sighed into his book.

"All right, Ron?" asked Harry as he tied up his shoes.

"Yeah," mumbled Ron before going back to staring blankly at his book.

It's not my fault Lavender fancies me, his brain went on. Hermione sure doesn't, so why should she care that I'm off kissing someone? She did! Bloody Krum. No need for her to pitch a fit about it. What's her problem anyway? She's not the boss of me.

He knew immediately that this was not entirely true. He'd probably set fire to his new broomstick if she asked him to and he wouldn't second-guess it.

"Ready Neville?" asked Harry, derailing Ron's train of thought.

"Yeah, nearly. Just got to find my comb. Ah, there it is," replied Neville, retrieving his comb from a nearby shoe. "See you later, Ron."

"Bye," Ron said, without looking up.

"See ya, mate," Harry called as he left the dormitory.

"Say 'hi' to Loony for me," Ron yelled back.

Ron dropped the pretence of reading and letting the book fall to his chest, stared up at the canopy of his bed.

His fingers traced the scratch marks crisscrossing the large white scars that laced his arms, the scars that he had received in the Department of Mysteries.

I just can't win with her, he thought. The only proper attention I get is when she nags me about homework or when she's attacking me with bloody canaries – and now she says she's going out with that McLaggen git!

Thinking he heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs he picked up his book and quickly pretended to read. He didn't feel much like talking to Dean or Seamus.

A light knocking sound came to his ears and his heart leapt in his chest. Perhaps Hermione did want to go to Slughorn's party with him; after all, she had never actually said 'No'. Not in so many words at any rate.

"Won Won?"

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